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Apply desk

Post by deskgamer » 16/06/2015 20:33

Current (and previous) In game name(s): Desk, fabrC
Your Age: 15 years.
Country of origin: Argentina
USGN Id:I don't have.
How long have you played CS2D: I do not remember, approximately 2 years
Previous clans: Nbk, 7dk, i do not remember that others shits
Why do you want to join Xec: I think an interesting clan , I would like taringa virgear with them and play a little with my friends lolete ones
How did you hear about us: I have nothing more to add , I am an excellent player lol , now diamond 5 and the wafer CS2D 'm a bitch.

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Re: Apply desk

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Ojalá no entres

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Re: Apply desk

Post by Argento » 16/06/2015 23:29

"En consecuencia Empty es primero destituido como comisario de guerra, luego apartado de la dirección del partido y posteriormente expulsado del mismo."