What the hell guys!

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What the hell guys!

Post by razE » 02/04/2012 13:17

:evil: Why did you guys rejecct Kakazu?
- I thought he had a good chance here.
- Your not the best clan, in fact i have never heard od this clan (maybe bcuz its ARG)
- Hes a much player than 90% of the players here.
- I would reconsider the apply, if i was you guys.
- Your not so active here, so i maybe BE MORE ACTIVE :p
- Thx for reading.

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Re: What the hell guys!

Post by Eddy » 02/04/2012 13:26

some members of the clan or the majority believe they are the same people
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Re: What the hell guys!

Post by Andr » 02/04/2012 14:06

gtfo stupid fag why dont you better create a clan with the suuuuuuper player PRO PROOOo, loyal and smarttttguy of kakuzu and be happy with your stupid friend

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Re: What the hell guys!

Post by Flacko » 02/04/2012 16:21

@Andrez: 1 day tempban for swearing.
@Raze: None of that stuff matters if accepting him means we would end up fighting with each other. Btw, I didn't hear about any of you guys either, CS2D world seems to be bigger than we expected isn't it? ^.^
Good bye.