MIAMI Servers

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MIAMI Servers

Post by Andr » 29/09/2015 02:43


So today i bought a VPS to host servers in the USA, Miami. The idea is that we can revive the American scene at least a bit.

2 servers:

PCS Project | mix USA
PCS Project | public USA.

For south americans it's much better to play with 170 than 300. I hope some old american players can comeback to try this.So if u can tell them it would be awesome. I believe Europeans may have a ping from 100 to 160.

I will start watching players for my squad...|Storm_AM|, if u have interest u can PM me with your app.( atm you will create it).

I would also like to tell the BR Community that they could play 160 vs 160 ping matches vs europeans or argentineans.

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Re: MIAMI Servers

Post by Argento » 28/10/2015 21:39

"En consecuencia Empty es primero destituido como comisario de guerra, luego apartado de la dirección del partido y posteriormente expulsado del mismo."

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